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Just a few examples are: Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, CNA's, School Volunteers, Realtor and Appraisers, Beer and Wine Licensees, Massage Therapists, Preschool and Child Care Workers, Notaries, Foster Parents, Care Givers, Stock Brokers, Contractors, Security Guards, Pawn Brokers, Car Dealers, Antique Dealers and more.  Just ask if you're not sure!
Click here for link to State of Florida AHCA Requirements

Click for Department of Children & Families Requirements

Click for DBPR Fingerprinting Requirements

Click for APD Fingerprinting Requirements

Click Here For Information on Eligibility after Arrest/Conviction - Disqualification Exemption

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FBI, FDLE, AHCA, medicaid, DCF, DOH, APED, DOEA, DBPR, Dept of Agriculture


AHCA Background Screening: (850) 412-4503  
Dept of Health: 850-245-4444  
DCF:  888-352-2849

APD: (850) 488-4257
FDLE: (850) 410-8161
VECHS: Call the FDLE number above

DBPR: 850.487.1395

level II clearance, livescan and notary, livescan services, get your fingerprint, background check, mobile fingerprint services,

DCF and APD FINGERPRINTING: DCF and APD now require the facility's OCA or License number appear in the fingerprinting file.  This is so they can connect your employees to your company.  If you have any difficulty generating livescan request forms, please call us.  We will talk you through the process.  It is our pleasure to serve as a free reference/consultant on your compliance needs.  DCF, APD, Medicaid and AHCA fingerprints muse include a headshot, which is uploaded to the govt run portal. Do not fingerprint for these agencies with a company that does not provide the photo upload or your employees will not clear or be in compliance.    

MEDICAID: You will find your Medicaid eligibility on the AHCA web portal approximately a week after your fingerprints are complete. In certain circumstances, like new licenses, Medicaid requires you to download your approval then upload it to the same place you uploaded your license application.  

AHCA: AHCA requires anyone that comes in contact with vulnerable segments of the population to have an FBI background screening with fingerprints. Under the standard AHCA code, if you have a 90 day lapse of employment, you will be requied to be screened again.  The standard AHCA code is used for administrators, home health aides, housekeeping and kitchen staff at assisted living and nursing homes. 

BOARD OF NURSING AND DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH: Background screening is required every five years.  This is separate from renewing your nursing license.  The Board of Nursing has implemented a retention program.  If you go online and renew your fingerprints before the five year anniversary and your file is complete and in order, the Board of Nursing will offer you the opportunity to pay $43.25 for your next 5 years. You should investigate your eligibility before you book a fingerprinting appointment.... you may save money and time.  

CONCEALED WEAPONS PERMITS: Although we and many other livescan providers are listed on the FDLE provider website, CCW is not a service we are allowed to perform. You must present yourself at a sheriff's office or the tax collector for this service. Do not pay your fees online; the tax collector will only provide the full service including collecting your fees. Make an appointment on the tax collector website to complete the process there. 

EXPUNGEMENTS: Livescan providers  are not authorized to provide this fingerprinting service.  You must go to your local Sheriff's dept.   

LEVEL 2 F.B.I. Fingerprints

The Division of Health Quality Assurance protects Floridians through oversight of health care providers. A1A Fingerprints provides the necessary Level 2 FBI background checks and fingerprinting services for hospital systems, schools, not-for-profits, real estate licenses, liquor licenses and many more! Once we take the fingerprints, we send them directly to F.B.I & F.D.L.E., which then sends the prints to whichever governing agency is providing approval: DCF, AHCA, DBPR, DOEA, & Medicaid Providers... just to name a few.

Our mobile fingerprinting is very popular for people who are simply too busy at work to get away.  We come to you and make it easy! Results available within 24 - 48 hours to governing agency. No need to wait weeks for approval!

GROUP FINGERPRINTING: We have te equipment and personnel to handle your large group fingerprinting.  Call for a bid!  We have many happy customers and references! 

EMPLOYERS:  We Will Help You Avoid State Fines


**Failure to screen and re-screen employees including contract staff is a violation of state law and subject to a fine of $500 per person.**


All employees are required by law to be screened and re-screened every 5 years or sooner if there is a break in service. This must be done through your governing agency. Because of the livescan screening law change to level 2 back in August of 2010, there was a phase in period. The phase in period ended in July 2015!

AHCA and other government agencies are on a hunt to audit employers with out of date records. You don't want to be like a few of our customers who have called us too late and have had to pay steep fees to get their employees in compliance. Remember, when you hire or rehire employees that used to work for you, make sure to re-screen them if there was a lapse in employment greater than 90 days. 

If you should have any questions or want to know what the state is looking for please use us as resource!! 


A1A Fingerprints is competitively priced, plus we make the whole process easy for you, whether you are an individual or an employer! We can come to your office; there is no travel charge for us to come to you if you have 10 or more employees requiring screening! If you have less than 10, no worries!  There is a small transportation fee based on your location. Simply fill out the contact form and we will get you a bid and schedule a time! 




We work for you and around your schedule. For our fingerprinting services we can come to your office or you can come to ours. You can make appointments or you can you walk in whenever it is convenient for you. We do not break for lunch because we know your only time to leave work to complete this background check is during your lunch break. We can stay late for you if you cannot make during normal business hours. Just call in advance and we can stay open as late as you want.


We can take any form of payment you would like  - cash, check or credit card. For our corporate accounts we can do invoicing or prepaid accounts. We can tailor our services to your existing on-boarding system or assist you in simplifying your existing system to meet the Level-2 FBI background check regulations.

  • Group/Single invoicing 

  • Email invoicing

  • On-site and walk in services

  • On-site and mobile collections

  • Credit Card/Check Payment options 

  • Management of the fingerprint/drug test process and applicants

  • Troubleshooting rejections and disqualifications

  • Timeline of when the company should be receiving the results

  • Pre-notifying the employer and employee of possible rejections

  • Drug free workplace policies and training




A1A Fingerprints  

Corporate Office

865 16 Place, Vero Beach, FL 32960

Call: 772.494.6556

level II clearance, livescan and notary, livescan services, get your fingerprint, background check, mobile fingerprint services,
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